De sabynne le 23/04/2010 (6 visites depuis 7 jours)

The sun goes down little by little
I know it's inevitable
But it didn't have to be the same for us

If I smiled, if I cried
Would it change the sky tonight ?
And would you get my message
Through the stars from where you are ?

CHORUS: The world is spinnin' round
And I stay in my place
When everything goes faster
Will you let all disappear ?
When you don't have a clue about how you feel
Will you let all disappear ?
Disappear, disappear

I start to hate every morning
When I open my eyes and
Come back to this boring reality

If I kept silent, if I shouted out
Would it change your reflection ?
I still don't have the choice
It's another lesson to be learned


No, you don't forget about me
You chose to ignore
Glorious break-up don't exist baby
So don't be upset to look at the rain falling
Like tears on your face
It'll end to disappear (bis)


L'auteur :

coucou, je souhaiterais faire partager ma passion pour l'écriture, notamment pour les chansons. J'écris bien sûr en français mais j'ai également choisi de faire découvrir mes textes en anglais...

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