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Become free

De Vrollat le 12/08/2022

There will always be a lack
And his words will always miss you
But it's so hard to go back
Because you are afraid to experience something new

Everyone goes their own way

De Vrollat le 07/10/2022

I went elsewhere
'Cause when you left I didn't know where
And I understood that the love was no longer there
And I didn't want to destroy everything
But I ended up exploding


De Vrollat le 06/08/2022

There's always an ending that ends badly
I loved you madly
Although there’s always a story that ends well
What I'm going through is hell

Star Academy

De Vrollat le 17/11/2022

I am now writing my own story
I'm on the edge of glory
And I'm ready for a new adventure
This is my new adventure book
My new academy

Lie to the truth

De Vrollat le 06/08/2022

I am sensitive
I am possessive
It's representative
This is who I really am

I think I need a new love

De Vrollat le 12/08/2022

I think I need a new love
The new is a whole
It's all in the heart

The reason I learned to love

De Vrollat le 12/08/2022

I don't know what I will do without you
'Cause I can't live without you
Because you are my reason for living

I was born to be me

De Vrollat le 14/09/2022

I was born to be me and I can't go back
I am me and this is my soundtrack
And now you listen to me
Whereas before I wasn’t me

Future my love

De Vrollat le 01/10/2022

A new chapter begins and a new page turns
The past, I leave it far behind me
My future is so close in front of me
I close to the past and I open to the future

The show

De Vrollat le 06/08/2022

And you know why I love you
It's the way you show me that you love me
Because deep inside me it's a show

I want time to be slow

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