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De Vins le 12/08/2022

I can die in your eyes
Kissing you is my life
Your smile brings me to life

To feel me hugging

Who am I

De Vins le 12/08/2022

This is who we are
Just the way who we are
And choose the right way

I am so proud of myself mom

De Vins le 12/08/2022

I am so proud of myself mom

I know at the beginning
I was not that easy
And inside I didn't know who I was

Low battery

De Vins le 22/08/2023

I wake up in the morning, feeling so tired,
My energy's drained, my spirit uninspired.
The weight of the world, it's pulling me down,
My battery's low, I'm running on fumes now.


De Vins le 21/08/2023

You were once my everything, my world, my light,
But now we're just strangers, lost in the night.
We had our moments, our love was so strong,
But now it's time to admit, we were both wrong.

I can’t live without my phone

De Vins le 22/08/2023

In this modern world, where technology reigns,
My phone is my lifeline, it's all in my veins.
From the moment I wake, 'til I lay down to sleep,
It's by my side, a treasure I'll always keep.

New love

De Vins le 21/08/2023

In the depths of my heart, a new feeling starts,
A spark that ignites, a flame that imparts.
A fresh chapter unfolds, a story yet untold,
In this journey of love, I'm ready to be bold.

If I let the world kill itself:

De Vins le 12/08/2022

I let the leaves fly away
I let the flowers wither
And I let the branches break

Go back :

De Vins le 12/08/2022

I'm sorry that everything happened like this
We all make mistakes
But it's past

I’m standing tall

De Vins le 21/08/2023

In a world filled with love, I found my truth,
But my family's acceptance feels so far removed.
I long for their embrace, their understanding,
But their judgment and rejection, it's so demanding.

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Bonjour, je m’appelle Vincent

Je suis de Nouvelle-Calédonie mais je suis arrivé il y’a un an de ça en février 2022 sur Angers en France.

J’écris la plupart du temps des chansons d’amour ou triste et j’espère un jour avoir quelqu’un qui pourra chanter mes chansons et je l’attend désespérément car je ne joue pas d’instrument , j’écris juste les paroles et c’est mon plus grand rêve et le métier que je veux vraiment faire depuis tout petit.

N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un message si vous êtes intéressé.

I also speak english :

Hello, my name is Vincent

I am from New Caledonia but I arrived a year ago in February 2022 in Angers in France.

I write mostly love or sad songs and I hope one day to have someone who can sing my songs and I'm desperately waiting for it because I don't play an instrument, I just write the lyrics and it's my biggest dream and the job I really wanted to do since I was little.

Feel free to send me a message if you are interested.

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