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Liquid in my mouth

De Vins le 21/08/2023

I feel the heat rising, my body's on fire,
A taste so intoxicating, it takes me higher.
Your presence, like a flame, ignites my desire,
I can't resist the temptation, it's pulling me in, oh so dire.


De Vins le 21/08/2023

In a world of dreams and endless possibilities,
There's a girl who shines with grace and beauty.
With her golden hair and sparkling eyes,
She's the epitome of style, she mesmerizes.

The Little Mermaid

De Vins le 21/08/2023

In a world beneath the waves, where dreams come alive,
There's a mermaid with a voice, ready to dive.
She longs to explore the world above,
Where humans dance and fall in love.

Best friend

De Vins le 21/08/2023

You've been there through thick and thin,
Through every joy and every sin.
A bond so strong, it'll never end,
You're more than just a friend.

Lone survivor

De Vins le 22/08/2023

In the wreckage of a shattered dream,
I stand alone, the only survivor it seems.
A tragic accident, a cruel twist of fate,
To lose my family, my heart left in a state.


De Vins le 21/08/2023

Quand la vie te semble sombre, quand tout semble perdu,
Il y a une mélodie en toi qui attend d'être entendue.
Laisse ta voix s'élever, laisse-la briller de mille feux,
Dans cette chanson, laisse ton cœur chanter pour les cieux.

Toute ma vie

De Vins le 11/08/2023

Plus jamais tu ne me quitteras
Parce que je n'arrête jamais de penser à toi
N'oublie pas qui je suis et avec qui tu es

I set you free

De Vins le 16/08/2023

I will give you a new castle
I promise to win the battle
And if you have to fight a dragon
I will take my sword

Tell me why

De Vins le 21/08/2023

In the silence of the night, I'm left here all alone,
A heart shattered into pieces, a love that's now unknown.
You walked away so suddenly, without a reason why,
Leaving me here in confusion, asking myself, oh why?

I’m a billionaire

De Vins le 21/08/2023

Once a dreamer with humble beginnings,
Living life with limited means.
But fate had a plan, a twist of destiny,
A stroke of luck, a newfound reality.

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Bonjour, je m’appelle Vincent

Je suis de Nouvelle-Calédonie mais je suis arrivé il y’a un an de ça en février 2022 sur Angers en France.

J’écris la plupart du temps des chansons d’amour ou triste et j’espère un jour avoir quelqu’un qui pourra chanter mes chansons et je l’attend désespérément car je ne joue pas d’instrument , j’écris juste les paroles et c’est mon plus grand rêve et le métier que je veux vraiment faire depuis tout petit.

N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un message si vous êtes intéressé.

I also speak english :

Hello, my name is Vincent

I am from New Caledonia but I arrived a year ago in February 2022 in Angers in France.

I write mostly love or sad songs and I hope one day to have someone who can sing my songs and I'm desperately waiting for it because I don't play an instrument, I just write the lyrics and it's my biggest dream and the job I really wanted to do since I was little.

Feel free to send me a message if you are interested.

Me contacter