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De Vins le 25/08/2023

World of dreams, where voices unite,
A place where melodies take flight,
A group of misfits, finding their way,
Through music and friendship, they'll never sway.


De Vins le 25/08/2023

In the depths of my soul, emotions arise,
A kaleidoscope of feelings, painting the skies,
From joy to sorrow, they ebb and they flow,
A symphony of emotions, that only we know.

This long distance love

De Vins le 23/08/2023

In the silence of the night, I'm missing you so much,
Distance separates us, but our love remains untouched,
Through the miles that lie between, our hearts still beat as one,
This love we share, it's strong, it cannot come undone.

Aphorismes no. 3

De charlot le 11/09/2023

: Les gens sont consciemment méchants et inconsciemment imbéciles.


De Pascal.b le 23/08/2023

Un jour après bonsoir,
l’amour sans le vouloir,
et tout se casse la gueule.
Le coucou sonnait l’heure
des 12 coups de minuit,

The power of music

De Vins le 24/08/2023

In a world divided, where hearts are torn apart,
There's a force that unites us, a healing work of art,
It's the power of music, a language we all share,
Bringing us together, showing that we care.


De Vins le 23/08/2023

I was a face in the crowd, unknown to the world,
Alone and abandoned, like a flag unfurled,
Sleeping on the streets, in the bitter cold,
But destiny had a plan, a story to unfold.

Vingt-huit août

De charlot le 29/08/2023

Il a soixante ans aujourd’hui, son enfant qu’il a laissé dans l’oubli, ces moments avec lui

The gods of myth

De Vins le 22/08/2023

In the realm of myths and legends, where stories come alive,
There dwell the gods and goddesses, with powers that thrive.
From Mount Olympus to the Norse realms of old,
The pantheons of gods, their tales unfold.

Need space

De Vins le 21/08/2023

In this crowded room, I feel so confined
Thoughts racing in my mind, I need to unwind
The weight of the world, it's pressing on me
I need some time alone, just to breathe

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